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Dear Parent,

As an adult, can you imagine mimicking another person's traits so much so that you are copying that person's clothing, watching their material on repeat, and buying their merchandise?


If you can imagine that, I urge you to take it one step further and imagine that you have the opportunity to meet this person that you look up to so dearly. What would be the consequences of them being less than you expected? What would the benefits be of them being just as you expected? What change would it make in your life if they were beyond your expectations and encouraged you to love yourself and others the same as you love them?


This is our impact, an impact that often goes unseen but when placed in the right hands has the potential to create positive change across the world.


This is why we do what we do.

We find clutter overwhelming. 

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CEO & Founder Alexis Boyett

Alexis has launched a subscription service dedicated to combining education, fun and positivity into regular weekly videos designed to uplift and educate your child.

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